— explanimation VVN

in english:
There are some inconvenients everytime you leave with your child for school.
You don’t think about it, but in their head there is a completely other world.
Every place is a playground, and they don’t see any danger.
Besides that, do you know that the peripheral vision in children is poorer than in adults? So, for instance, when crossing a street, that can be an obstacle for them.
Since they are small it is also an inconvenient that a car can easily hide them so they can surprise you crossing the street when you are driving.
As a parent, you have ways to make everything easier.
For instance, don’t use the car for really short ways. It is better for the environment, for your pocket and to decrease traffic.
Are you familiar with this situation? This is what happens if everyone takes the car and wants to park right in front of the school or in all sort of wrong places.
Don’t forget you are not the only parent who drops a child at school.
So a minute for you can be an hour for everyone.


January 2015

Minerva Art Academy, Hanze University, Groningen, The Netherlands

Explanimation — Safety on the streets

3rd place
Group project (2)
Explanimation for a dutch company – “VVN” (Dutch trafic Safety Association). Targeted for parents and children, tries to give a good example of what goes wrong and can go wrong around school time. The aim was to encourage people to make active contributions themselfs to safer traffic.